Rosie Broadhead on Synergetic Clothing

Wei Ting Wong and Rosie Broadhead discuss the potentials of probiotic fashion SKIN II Bodysuit and Vit.E Toe Socks from ‘SKIN II’ Rosie Broadhead is the founder of SKIN SERIES, a brand which fuses clothing design and bioscience. SKIN SERIES proposes that in the near future, your clothing could affect the internal workings of your … Continue reading Rosie Broadhead on Synergetic Clothing

Izzy Fulford on Wear and Tear

Eilidh Nuala Duffy talks to the designer about the endless possibilities of wear Testing water-soluble yarn. As the wearer sweats, the yarn shrinks, liquifies and then hardens Izzy Fulford graduated from the BA Design degree at Goldsmiths in 2020. After finding herself working from home during the last stint of her education, Izzy realised that … Continue reading Izzy Fulford on Wear and Tear

Note I on Travecacceleration

The first in a series on Travecacceleration by Brazillian artist Ode ~ listen to the text on Ode’s bandcamp produced and mixed by mafius and mastered by RHR. Cover art by Caio Oviedo and illustration by Neith Nyer. In “Notes on Blacceleration” (2017), the American artist, writer and curator Aria Dean locates a line of black radical thought … Continue reading Note I on Travecacceleration

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